Lyceum № 36 - the History
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Physical and mathematical The prospectus of Kirov, 29а
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Our state educational institution was founded on February, 1, 1932, as School № 1 of Gorky Automobile Plant. We were born and have grown together with the Plant. First our school was located in barracks, then in a building of a vocational school. Our first graduation of 1937 is the same age of our school building.

The years of war is a dramatic period of our history. Many of our teachers and graduates were killed during the Great Patriotic War. Our school was a place of hospitals. But we overcame and since 1949 with the transition to the new school numbering, we began to be called as School № 36.

The first specialized B>mathematical classes appeared at our school in September, 1964. They were the first not only in our district but in the city too. The new programmes were created and developed, the most qualified teachers began to work. After 5 years of laborious work, in October, 1969, the official recognition has come - by the order of the Minister of Education, the classes with the profound studying of mathematics and physics were officially recognized.

The School continued to develop, new studies have been built, new techniques and subjects have been created and specialization developed: the chemistry was added to mathematics and physics; a new subject "Computer Science and Computer Facilities", joined the programme of teaching and the Computer Centre was created. So, in 1992, our School was re-named into LYCEUM № 36. It was one of the first in the city.

The history of the School is also a history of its directors. There were only 3 of them during 70 years.The special epoch is connected with each of them.

Many of talented teachers have put the base of Lyceum N36. Among them are the most honoured are: well-known physisists Averbukh S.L. , Kaplansky S.I.  , Aleshkov B.M.  mathematicians Reiman N.I., Kondakova A.A., Literature teachers Bugrova  O.G  ., Kotkis Т.A., Zhukova L.G., chemistry teacher Oblomova, historian Prohorova E.S., geography teacher Lazovskaya A.S. etc.

About 5000 pupils graduated from our High School during these years. More than 450 of them were awarded with Golden and Silver Medals.

There are many honoured people among the graduates scientists Y. Sergeev ,G. Vugalter , E. Gromov, V. Trahtengerts,  T. Grigorieva,  N. Zhukova.  etc., managers economists V.Borodachev -(a professor, vice-governor, minister of property relations, president IPB), actors, producers, architects, doctors and teachers ( E.Glushakov - a TV producer,  S.Mindrin - a singer,  I.Goltsev - the Winner of State Prize in architecture,  E.Zheltova - the Chief of Health Department Of our district,  T.Kukina - the specialist of education depertment,  M.Mahaneva - the director of Children's Kindergarten " Ulybka" etc.).

There are many workes and engineers of "GAZ", who graduated from School N 36. They are:

  M.Simkin - a commercial director until 1999;

  E.Parkman - a director of development;

  R.Sychev - a manager;

V. Buyanov - a Winner of Minister's Prize of the USSR;

V. Sergeev - a chief engineer PLA

  A.Pomykalov - help of direktor. On development, chief UKSA.

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