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Physical and mathematical lyceum № 36 was founded in 1992 on the base of school № 36 with the profound studying of physics and mathematics. Our educational institution was founded February, 1, 1932, as a school № 1 Gorky Automobile Plant. Since 1949, after the transition to another school numbering, we began to be called as school № 36. The lyceum has a rich history, wide experience on the profound studying of mathematics, physics, it is fomous for its traditions and graduates.

There are 4 Honoured Teachers of the Russian Federation, 4 Soros High School teachers, 10 High Category Teachers, 10 Honours of Education and Honourable Workers of Education. The faculty of the Nizhniy Novgorod State University, Technical, Pedagogical and Linguistic universities take part in educational process of lyceum.

The lyceum has contracts in cooperation with the Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University and the Nizhniy Novgorod State University, cooperates with Institute of Development of Education, the Centre of Space Education, enters the system of Firm Education of J-S company "GAZ".

The Lyceum teaches pupils in 1, 5 and 8 classes.

Pupils of liceum successfully take part in Olympiads of all levels: district, city, regional, republican and international:
1995 - Diplomas of the first degree in the international Olympiad in computer science, Sandler M.
1996 - the First place, a golden medal in the international Olympiad in computer science, Sandler M.
1998 - the First place in the international Olympiad on astronomy and space physics, Birukov A.
2003 - the First place in the Olympiad of Russian Federation in mathematics, Vdovin V.
2005 - the First place in the Olympiad of Russian Federation in physics, Vdovin V.
2005 - the Third place in the Olympiad of Russian Federation in chemistry, Arsenjev M.
2005 - the First place in the Olympiad of Russian Federation in astronomy, Vdovin V.

The Regional public organization of parents "Association of citizens in support of education " is founded in the lyceum, as well as chess club "Kaissa".

We are part of Russia, we qre part of the Gorky Automobile Plant, We have got problems and contradictions, but we live and develop and achieve new aims.

Our motto is:
“Per aspera ad astra  !”

We make much:

1999. - The modern toilets
2000. - The Reading Hall of liceum
2002. - The Assemblly Hall
2003. - The Small Sports Hall
2003. - The normal dining room
2003. - The big sports hall
2003. - The decent wardrobe
2004. - The decent accomplishment of territory
2004. - The good computer class
2005. - The modern medical room

The Gorky Automobile Plant have done much for our liceum:
2005. - a modern corridor of the 4-th Floor.
2005. - a cosy and beautiful corridor of the 3rd Floor
2005. - a cosy? modern and beautiful corridor of the 2nd Floor

We much want to make:

“A normal dining room ”
“A decent wardrobe ”
“A good big sports hall ”
“A beautiful toyer of liceum and cosy corridors ”
“excellent computer classes  ...”

If you want to help us, our essential elements:

Liceum №36 of Nizhni Novgorod
INN 5256024539
BIK 042253000
our bank accound 40703810300002000031 in RKS Autofactory area of N. Novgorod

Date  of last updating :
May, 28, 2006

Pay  attention !

The announcement
Olympiad is published Prohorovskaja. We wait for work till December,12.

December,11,2004 In the newspaper " the National Message " (N48 for 12.10.2004) is published Olympiad by him. S.I.Prohorova.... The text
December,02.2004 Order of the governor to pupil Shmelev A.ustanovlena the grant him. Academician J.Haritona!
December,01.2004 Order of the governor to pupil Vdovin A. establishes the grant of the Nizhniy Novgorod area!
September, 04, 2004 In newspaper "Avtozavodetc" (№134)article " Let on each monitor will join smiles the sea! " About ours a holiday on September,1.
September,01,2004 Has passed a holiday on September, 1. At us on a visit the Chapter of the city of V.Bulavinov, A.Barantsev-Gen.direktor of Open Society " GAS ", Director of city department of formation of I.Tarasova, the Chapter of area V.Soldatenkov, etc. A.Barantsev has presented 10 modern computers got from personal means, has lead a remarkable lesson in 11Ç a class. It has been firsthand very interestingly told About problems, achievements and prospects of a factory... September, 1, 2004г!
May,06.2004 The command of 8 classes has won 1 place in regional competitions "The Young fireman". Good fellows!
June, 13, 2004 Work Virtual travel the page started from school while in a mode of debugging in section "Picture story"
May,06.2004 The command of 8 classes has won 1 place in regional competitions "The Young fireman". Good fellows!
April, 29, 2004, The pupil of 10 class, V.Vdovin has won 3 place on mathematics on the Russian Olympiad!
April, 29, 2004 The command of 10 classes has won 1 place in regional competitions "Summer lightning - Zarnitcha". Good fellows!
April, 26, 2004, Chess players of liceum have won 2 place in regional competitions " White ladja ". Good fellows!
April, 23, 2004 In the newspaper "National messages" article " Intellectual fights with the sweet ending " about our Weeks of Sciences.
March, 29, 2004 pupil V.Vdovin's 10 classes has won 2 place on physics in Olympiad of Volga region federal district!(Teacher L.Averbuh, A.Kochetov)!
March, 20, 2004 The pupil A.Shmelev's 10 classes has won 1 place in city Olympiad on physics.(Teacher L.Averbuh, A.Kochetov)!
February, 13, 2004 Prize-winners of regional Olympiad on computer science of steel: 10 class V.Vdovin, A.Shmelev-2 place (Teacher L.Vaganova).
January, 28, 2004 Prize-winners of regional Olympiad on physics of steel: 10 kl. V.Vdovin- 1 place, A.Shmelev-2 place (Teacher L.Averbuh, A.Kochetov)!
January, 21, 2004 Prize-winners of regional Olympiad in chemistry of steel: 9кл. A.SHilaev-1 place (Teacher N.Galochkina); 10кл. M.Arsenyev- 1 place, A.Shmelev-3 place (Teacher N.Baganova); 11кл. A.Ribakov, A.Vorobjev-3 place (Teacher N.Galochkina)!
September, 01, 2003On a holiday our visitors V.Soldatenkov-Administrations, A.Barantsev-Gen.direktor of Open Society " GAS ", V.Shmatov and A.Strogankova-zam.gen.direktora, D.Shepelev-Nach. Repair-building management, V.Pushkin-Gen.direktor TD "National", N.Semenov-Gl.redaktor "Avtozavodtsa", etc. GAS has given pupils really invaluable gifts: the new dining room, the repaired sports hall, postroenyj the modern wardrobe, the repaired corridor of a ground floor and at last the litsejsky a bus-gazelle!
June, 18, 2003 In NIRO examination at once 4 innovative curriculums: mathematics, geometry, physics, computer science. Are marked: quality of works of teachers, the complex approach, solid scientifically methodical level!
May, 17, 2003 In newspaper "Avtozavodetc" № 71 article " Ha-Ha in liceum!" about our KVN.
April, 19, 2003 V.Vdovin, the pupil 9 classes of liceum has won 1 place on the All-Russia Olympiad of schoolboys on mathematics!
February, 12, 2003 In newspaper "Avtozavodetc" № 21 article " Also we can own Platon and fast reasons Newton in liceum ours to bring up" .
February, 7, 2003. Cosmonaut V.V.Kovalenok, twice the Hero of the USSR, the Chairman of Federation of Astronautics of the Russian Federation has visited our museum of Astronautics, a meeting of veterans of Baikonur.
January, 15, 2003 In the newspaper " the stock Exchange plus career " № 1 article " Money and school " about parental public organization. Our experience adopts lyceum № 40! We are very glad!
November, 30, 2002 In newspaper "Avtozavodetc" № 180 article " In the blessing of our children " A.Harcheva, the chairman of board of the parental organization " Association of citizens in support of education".
Due to support of the general Director of Open Joint-stock company " Gorky the Automobile Factory " A.G.Barantseva, in September, 2002 was well-equiped territory of liceum.
October, 19, 2002 In the newspaper " Avtozavodetc" № 157 article " Friends, our union " about our liceum and the help of Open Society.

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